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Horror Tattoos and Flash

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The Great Cthulhu! [12 Jun 2010|10:25am]

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Six months after getting the linework, I finally got started on colouring in this masterpiece of Lovecraftian madness. That is not dead which can eternal lie..Collapse )

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Cthulhu! [23 Dec 2009|07:10pm]

Gather 'round, ye Lovecraft fans, and despair!
And with strange aeons, even death may die.Collapse )
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You see it too? For me, it's always like this. [13 Sep 2009|08:57pm]


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

finally complete <3  Done by Ian Mathes of Vatican Tattoo

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See your tattoos in our book 'Body Art Three' [02 Sep 2009|11:07am]

Bizarre magazine is currently putting together their anual 'Body Art 3' book and is looking for people who would like to submit images of their tattoos to fill up it's pages!

If you're interested then all we need is a photo of the tattoo, a head shot and the answers to just a few questions...

Who did it?
What is it?
Why did you choose it?
What response do you get from people?
What do your family think?
How do you feel about it now?
Would you change or add anything?
Have you got any more planned for the future, if so, what?
What do you like about having it?

We’re looking for all types of tattoo, but are particularly interested in tattoos of girls; skulls; animals; horror; writing/script; cartoons; music and old school.

If you're interested then please email all this info to BodyArtThree@dennis.co.uk.

You can send as many pics as you like, but these must be good quality images (original files taken with a digital camera, or high resolution scans) and must not exceed 8MB per email, or we won't be albe to receive them! :(

Hope you hear from all of you soon! Thanks!
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New feet tattoos! [17 Mar 2009|10:08am]

I just got these babies Saturday night, I love them. It hurt pretty bad, but not quite as bad as my rib tattoo. The healing process is what's sucking, haha.

+6Collapse )
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A Much Better Photo... [19 Feb 2009|02:48am]

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No Glare, BWHAHA!Collapse )

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[First HORROR Tattoo] [13 Feb 2009|04:33pm]

Done by Will @ Carolina Tattoo in Greensboro, North Carolina. [02-13-'09]Collapse )Sorry about the slight glare.
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[12 Feb 2009|12:41am]

Hey, does anybody know any shops that are doing $13 13 tattoos on Friday in the Indianapolis area? I looked online, but couldn't figure it out.
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First post! [18 Jan 2009|01:54pm]

Hi guys, I've been a member for a while and this is my first post!
80% of my tattoos are horror related, the other 20% is traditional.
Some of you might recognize me from "girls_with_ink"
Anyway, here's a few!

Yoo hoo!Collapse )
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Zombie/bats [18 Jan 2009|02:42pm]

Hello everyone, I'm new here. Here are a couple of my horror tattoos I have so far:

LOOKIE!Collapse )
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[16 Dec 2008|09:16pm]

last week i was looking at a tattoo magazine, and saw a raw as fuck flash backpiece.
i don't remember what the magazine is, so i can't really go back and find it unless i have enough time to go and look through all the tattoo magazines.
anyway, it was a backpece of a toothfairy, basically.
the tooth fairy is female with long grey hair&a tooth necklace on, and is extracting a tooth from someone(idr if it was a male or female) in a black/grey hoodie.
at the bottom of the neck, there's a pink heart.
at the bottom, where the waist would be, there's two rows of teeth belts(im guessing?).
dripping down from the belts is blood, going down the legs.

i looked on google,yahoo,deviantart,photobucket,&flickr with no luck.
if you know where i can find this, i will love you forever and ever.

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[04 Dec 2008|06:22pm]


by Pavel Angel

to see detailsCollapse )
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[09 Nov 2008|09:47am]
Hey everyone!!

Im new here. Just found this community and im so stoked that I did.

Heres a picture of my new tattoo - her name is Zowie.

Zowie the ZombieCollapse )

Im in the works to add to that half sleeve, eventually making it a complete sleeve of pin up girls. My other arm will be an entire sleeve of horror - the oldies and the newbies... and im totally stoked!!
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Coverup) [19 Sep 2008|11:33am]


by Vyacheslav Sazanov

to see detailsCollapse )
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[24 Aug 2008|07:46pm]

my nightmare on elm street tattoo is finally finished! it's been about 2 years in the works. had to have it done for monstermania! still swollen/red in these pics since the pictures were taken right after it was finished.

Read more...Collapse )
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sugar skull :) [24 Jul 2008|11:13pm]

Say hello to my new little friend
....Collapse )
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[16 Jun 2008|10:21pm]

hello lovelies... got new work. i also have other "in progress" stuff on my arm so i'll post pics after my next session. moving onto my arm pit on the 26th! >_<

Basil Gogos (one of my favorite artists!!!!) inspired Frankenstein's Monster.

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Hello [12 Jun 2008|11:28pm]

I'm Kerry and I just joined. Love this community!

Here's a couple of my

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[06 Jun 2008|01:05pm]

originally i was going to get a tat of a moth with faint skulls in its wings (represent my lifestyle/independence/beauty in obscurity), but when i went to have it sketched i realized it was too iconic and i think i like sceneish ones better because they flow with your body. so now i want one on my side, towards my back. i feel like the moth cant workon its won, so this is what i was thinking, though it may be overly complicated/become expensive, comments are welcome...i'd like to talk about what would work best as a tat image, and i want it all black/white, maybe small color highlights:

read more (some artistic nudity)Collapse )
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[06 Jun 2008|11:20am]


by Pavel Angel
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