El (tropicel) wrote in horror_tats,

See your tattoos in our book 'Body Art Three'

Bizarre magazine is currently putting together their anual 'Body Art 3' book and is looking for people who would like to submit images of their tattoos to fill up it's pages!

If you're interested then all we need is a photo of the tattoo, a head shot and the answers to just a few questions...

Who did it?
What is it?
Why did you choose it?
What response do you get from people?
What do your family think?
How do you feel about it now?
Would you change or add anything?
Have you got any more planned for the future, if so, what?
What do you like about having it?

We’re looking for all types of tattoo, but are particularly interested in tattoos of girls; skulls; animals; horror; writing/script; cartoons; music and old school.

If you're interested then please email all this info to BodyArtThree@dennis.co.uk.

You can send as many pics as you like, but these must be good quality images (original files taken with a digital camera, or high resolution scans) and must not exceed 8MB per email, or we won't be albe to receive them! :(

Hope you hear from all of you soon! Thanks!
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