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Horror Tats

Horror Tattoos and Flash
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Welcome! This is a community specifically created for those with horror related tattoos. Like spook, terror and macabre? Have it on your body for life? This is for you! As well as photos of your tattoos, we accept horror flash. Before joining, please read the rules below.

Things we accept as horror goes as follows.
Recreations from a horror film, anything terrifying in nature, evil?, Halloween, nocturnal creatures (such as bats), portraits, scarey phrases (maybe on the knuckles?).


1) This is a community for horror tattoo and art. Do not post with questions on piercings or any other form of modification. There are specific communities for that. Go look for them. Post ONLY in relation to tattoos.

2) We like to accept anyone to join. But if you must post, please make it in relation to horror or tattoos. Questions about artwork is acceptable.

3) We do not mind promotions as long as kept in moderation. No rating communities please. If you must promote, we will only accept horror related or other tattoo communities. All other posts will be deleted.

4) Please try to post only your own work. We dont mind if you post other peoples tattoos, say you found it at random, but please be sure to credit whomever, or state that you dont know who it belongs too. We want all wonderful work to be seen, but we do not want to offend anyone.

5) Please put a NWS cut if you plan to post nudity. There may be minors taking a peek and we dont want to offend mommys and daddys.

6) Most importantly, BE NICE! If you cant play nice, we will be forced to ban you. We love constructive criticism, but simply saying "that tattoo blows", isn't very nice. Just bite your tongue and move on to the next entry.

7) If you post more than 1 image per post, put it behind a cut. If your first image is more than 300x400, put that behind a cut too. If this isnt done, you will be asked nicely to fix it, if that is not done, your post will be deleted.

8) Please be an active member! We love active members!

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Founder/Moderator: skelebitch. Feel free to msg me with any questions. =)